Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hey bhumo

Hey bhumo...
Che ngi inn mae
Bhu ngi sem khar che rang dren.
Hey bhumo
Che nga ma gan
Bhu nge mitse throlo mae.

Thinking of you
Makes me so high
Making me crazy
I just wanna cry
I just wanna beauty
Looking in your eyes
But you are standing
Waving good bye
Never knew why you let me out alone
You are never there when i call you at phone
I just wanna tell you that i love you till i die
But you are still standing waving good bye.

Girl you know that i cant explain thing
I am afraid that you will deny it
Cant even tell you whats on my mind
I am scared that you will leave me behind
So i just keep kiding
And try to hold myself
Keep on holding out of bad day
Trying to tell you that
Girl you are one
Who has taken my peace away